Markdown Previewer in React - Feedback

Hello campers,

Here is my Markdown Previewer:-

You comments and reviews are appreciated. It is built using reactjs and slight bootstrap.
Still confused about the renderer in markedjs. If anyone could lead me to an explainer would be a great thing.

Happy coding

Hey, I like it. Maybe apply some padding on both the editor and previewer to give the text some breathing room? Notice the ‘bitcoin’ img overlapping the line on the left border of the previewer? The padding will help with this, too. The font-size in the editor is a tad too small?

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Thanks @safiyc would implement your suggestions.

Hi @prayagd, your previewer looks good. Some things to maybe revisit;

  • As mentioned, add some padding so things aren’t slammed against the side.
  • I cut/pasted the text from the sample and noticed;
    • the table doesn’t display correctly
    • the list doesn’t continue numbering when using dashes and asterisks
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Thanks @Roma.
Currently busy with some interviews but would implement those changes and bugs later.