Difficult start

Hi!I’m sorry for my English(i am Greek).I am 17 years old and i want to start programming.I feel a bit old for that but i want to make a try.Basically i know nothing about programming(at least, practically). Ι made an attemp but my low english level discouraged me.I am doing something like programming at school. My mathematician and IT teacher told me to deal with programming. So, how can i start ? *I want to learn alone,without teacher or something like that. At least until univerisity.(free learning ). Maybe I’ll do this as a profession in the future(I hope so…). Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Everyone here is going to suggest starting with Free Code Camp of course! Never be shy about asking for help here on the forum. Many of our members are not native English speakers, so even if no one online speaks Greek many people are familiar with the difficulties of doing this with English as a second language. If ever one of us uses unclear language when we try to help don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

Good luck and happy coding.

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Thank you very much.What about my age? Am i too old for that? :confused:

Never! (Search around the forums for things like “too old” to see a bunch of discussion on this.)

Ok thank you very much :smiley:

I just started coding. And i am 32…:joy:

Good luck.Both of us we will need her.:sob:

I lol-ed. You didn’t type it wrong, did you? Are you really 71? Even then it wouldn’t be too old, but how can you think you are too old for anything at 17? :smile:

Told me that i should have started since i was 12-13 yo.Or something like that.

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I highly recommend making the effort to meet other coders either in person or online. Peer Programming is one of the best way to improve your learning. It really showed me how much I knew(or thought I knew :slight_smile: ) since you have to communicate many complex concepts to your partner.

Good luck! :+1:

You’re kidding, right? Old? You’re a spring chicken in this community.

btw im 20 years old :smile:

If 17 was old, would 32 year old is too old to start anything? haha… You are too very young!

Hi guys I’m 3 just started teaching myself C++ but my kindergarten teacher says I’m too old to learn programming. Any advice?

Too old, old man. You should’ve learned advanced CS and assembly programming by one, up to C at two then be fully fluent in C++ at three. Fraid you’re going to be stuck stacking shelves for a living now.

Full disclosure: I’m one and a half and I can program a computer chip by manipulating the raw electrons passing through it and I’m well behind the rest of my peers

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