I'm 17 can i start coding now

so hi I’m Ali can I start coding now

the reason that I am asking this question because I see all the developers and programmers on YouTube they start from a young age can I start from 17 years old and getting a developer job

Absolutely. There’s no age limit on learning to code. Use the YouTubers you’re watching as motivation. I can’t remember his name, but on Joshua Fluke’s YouTube channel (highly recommend), he interviewed a guy roughly the same age as you, who got a developer job when he finished High School. I’d recommend picking a language, learning it really well and building projects and solving problems. I’m assuming you’ve got free time, so try and make the most of it.

Key advice: You don’t have to spend hours a day coding. In my opinion, 1 hour of focus, is better than 8 hours of coding with distractions.

You’re asking questions, so you’re off to a great start. All the best in your journey as a developer Ali.


you can start at any age and get a developer job, if you put enough time and effort in it. and in the job search.

the forum is full of topics like “I am 30/40/50/60/70, is it too late?” and the answer is always the same, it is never too late, you can always start.

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Hi Ali! I would highly recommend that you start coding now because you will have such a huge headstart on people who start coding later on in life and i’m a firm believer that coding as a passion can change your life in more ways than just making it a career.

As Jukachi mentioned, code every single day if possible even if it’s just for 30 minutes to an hour. There’s really nothing more detrimental to learning how to code than taking long breaks between coding sessions because you spend most of your time re-learning things rather than applying existing knowledge and gaining understanding through practical application on things like personal projects.

Next, get involved in the community! You’re here so you’re off to a great start but as with learning any language whether it be conventional (Spanish, French, Japanese) or technical (C++, Javascript, Python) it’s important to surround yourself with it to really push yourself to the limit and expose yourself to as much of it as possible. Join a Discord server related to the language you’re learning, attend hack-a-thons or other tech meetups in your area, participate in open-source projects! If you can prove to employers that you already have experience working collaboratively with other developers then this is a HUGE advantage and it’ll also give you something to talk about at interviews.

Lastly, never give up! There will be roadblocks ahead but if you push through and never stop learning, there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t become a fantastic developer. Good luck in your journey!


I’d like to add something to the answers of other folks, all of whom I agree with.

School tends to, at least it did to me, instil a certain attitude towards life that goes like the following:

“If I have a question, there is a definite answer somewhere out there. I’ll ask someone, I’ll look for it on google, whatever.”

When in reality there is no such thing unless it’s a more simple question (math, coding, how do I do ‘x’ that has been done before).

You can build whatever life you wish if it is something you truly want and if you’re willing to put in the time (only currency that really matters) into it.

I’m 27 and I have started learning coding about… 4 weeks ago? I can already tell it’s not too late for me. I’ve read posts by people who are in their 40’s, some older, who just started learning. Coding at the end of the day appears to be all about problem solving. If you have an interest for it, you’ll make it work.

Be brave and fail as much as you can early on, mistakes are our greatest teachers after all! (Another thing school messed up in my head, mistakes are “bad”).

Best of luck to you Ali.

Absolutely. It’s great that you are 17, and already interested in coding. Many people start learning at 30s, and 40s. It’s never late.

Just have fun, and happy coding!

I started when I was 17 as a hobby and it helped me tremendously over a long period of time in solving problems.

Though I didn’t become a developer but learning it young help me understand technology easier even if you don’t intent to get a job.

Step right up, and don’t be shy.
Make cool stuff that blows people’s minds.
Better yet, make cool stuff that blows your own mind.

I have known kids who started since like 5 years old by playing games like Minecraft, KSP and fidgeting around in Scratch and Funduino.

So in reality, age is no lower or upper limit for developing an interest in coding.