I am 15 years old. Is it good now to start a career in software development?

Hi, I’m from Poland. I have got 15 years old. I wonder if it’s a good age to start programming and the like. Lots of people say “oh, you are so young! To young for this. In addition you are girl. You won’t find work now and in the future!” laugh. I’m scared, I can do it?


Yes you can do it!! Starting off young is great. I didn’t have my stuff together at 15 and I’m glad you do! also women are rising in coding! Don’t give up and don’t let people talk you out of it!! Good luck!

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DO IT! I wish I was that ambitious at 15.

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Don’t ever let anyone say that you can’t do something
just start with CS50 or any other introduction course (I recommend CS50 it’a an amazing introduction to the art of programming) after that go stick to one of @P1xt awesome guides

Punch these people. Programming was basically invented by women, and any age is a good age to start learning.


There is no reason you cannot start learning TODAY.

The nice thing about being young is that it’s not “starting a career”. It’s pursuing an interest. Have fun learning to build cool things that you want to see in the world.


Oh yes, go for it!

Here is the thing:
You are 15

  1. You invest your time in learning to become a software developer.
  2. You start doing what everybody else is doing here:
  3. Do the FCC curriculum, maybe do some side projects (you have a lot of time for that).
  4. If you commit yourself to it, you can finish it in 1 - 2 years: you already have as much experience as some who entered in the field much later in life.

Then in 4 years you are 19, which is about the time where most people really think about what they want to do, they have no experience ( go to college etc etc…).
You do already.
You will already have a great portfolio, and experience.
You can start taking on Freelance projects to get some money on your own, when others are looking for crappy summer part time job to pay for their tuition fees/living fees, you just have to find freelance work and value your 4 years of experience. Much easier don’t you think?

After that, well, it’s up to you really.

Best case scenario: You love it and make a career out of it. Earlier starters are the best. Get ready for a life you will enjoy with a head start no less

Worst case scenario:
It’s just a moment, you choose to switch: you will have gained very valuable skill.

We are at the digital era and having advanced computer literacy skills is essential.
So no matter what you do on the long run, it’s a very good choice.

Looking forward to seeing how far you will go :wink:


Good to see that you have taken an interest to something that would benefit you and may help you make money in future.

At your present age your mind is open to ideas and absorbs quiet a lot.
So whether you decide you want to go into college to study programming or you take it as an interest/hobby, your age is PERFECT for starting a career in programming.

As for being a woman…Serena Williams started playing Tennis at 3 Years old, Martina Hingis won the Wimbledon Junior Championship at 13 Years and at 15 Years + won the Double. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t achieve.

Having an interest is the first and biggest step.
The next step is to actually START . With these two steps you are already half way there.
The third important step is committment. Actually devote sometime for coding (set aside certain time in a day for it).
Ask questions if you are stuck or confused. Join forums to gain knowledge and find out the best study materials that will help you learn quickly.

I look forward to hearing about a famous female programmer from Poland in future.

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Ignore the ones who say you are so young, whether that be in surprise or doubting you, they add no value. And doubly more, ignore ones you say because you are a girl. Age has nothing to do with it, the younger you start coding the better, and the other aspect doesn’t warrant even a second of thought. People’s preconceptions are limitations they have on themselves, when they try to apply it to you, walk away from them completely.

Worst mistake I ever did when I was young was listen to people telling me I was too young / was just a girl and thinking maybe they do know better than me. My life would undoubtedly be so much different if I had listened to myself and went after what I wanted for myself instead of what others wanted for me.

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Awesome to start it… very lucky if start at this age …All D beSt

I started when I was 17. Is good to start when you are young. With guidance, you will expert developer by the time you finish college.

Even if you don’t understand it now. You have lots of time to correct.

The question for you is: Why not ? Why shouldn’t you start with programming ?

It’s good age to start learn programming. I am also a young man - just 16 years old and learn programming.
The big + is, that until you won’t finish the high school, you (probably) don’t need don’t need a money. Your parent’s gives you the money, food and everything you need. You have a lot of free time to learn programming and you can build your own non-profit projects. You don’t need a money, so you aren’t stressed.

But I don’t want to say “Just start learn programming, it’s sure good for you !”… No, It’s not sure. Maybe you have a big potential in something different and it’s not good to learn programming for you, but… I am sure with a few things - 1) Your age is good
2) Your gender is also not problem
3) If you should start with programming, it depends on other things. Dot.

If you decided you want to learn a programming, this is sure good resource ( by P1xt)

and I absolutely recommend this book http://calnewport.com/books/deep-work/. It’s the best book I have read about programming ( not just programming) productivity. You should read it :smiley: and this blog https://simpleprogrammer.com/.

I am just beginning programmer, so if you will be a good, in a few weeks you can be at the same level like me and we can (with others beginners) make a progress together and make a group. Share progress, share books, share learning resources and stay focused.

Do a good decide, from the Czech Republic, Lukáš.


Starting young is great! When you’ll be in the age of going to work, you’ll have much more experience than other people :slight_smile:

i am a girl, and i started when i was 16, and now i have a career in software development. let’s get going! there’s so many tools out there now, i see no reason why anyone shouldn’t get started now.

I’ve started developing things back when I was ~7 years old with basic HTML, CSS and Flash (it was very cool back then :smiley: ).
I’d say it’s definitely worth to start as soon as you can.
Consider this - if you start now, study for next 2-3 years and then start working (even if it’s just part-time/freelancing), when you are 25, you’ll have ~7 years of experience.
Good luck with that!

Yes! This is a great time to start, and the added bonus is that you have time on your side. You’re young, yes, but this is a huge advantage. There are soo many opportunities out there, and FCC is just one of them. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. You CAN do it!

i am 15 and currently have a full time job in computer programming, paying 50 dollars a hour. so if u want to code learn how to code. don’t let anything stop you.

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I started when I was 17. It is never too late. Go for it!