Difficulty in Implementing Discord Bot Tutorial by FreeCodeCamp (FCC)

I am currently undertaking a tutorial on Discord bot creation, facilitated by FreeCodeCamp (FCC). Despite multiple attempts, I have encountered difficulty in achieving success with the tutorial. I am wondering if the tutorial video is still applicable and up-to-date with the current technology.

I would expect that a 2 year old video is out of date.

would you happen to know of a good javascript up to date tutorial?

Use the docs, they have a guide.

If you look at the “Additional information” section they also have upgrading guides. The tutorial was written using V12 (according to the package.json in the Replit) so you might be able to work out the changes needed from that. I would just use the tutorial as a reference and build something from scratch using the latest version of the lib and the guide.

ok, ill use there guide thx a lot

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