Digital Ocean droplet problem

I have created a droplet for my own website.
And I can , matter of fact using the online console to log into the linux server.
But I cannot open the ip address it gives me.

I described the issue I run into and submitted a support ticket, here is the response I got.
There are a lot of stuff I have no idea what the other person is talking about.
So bare with me here. The question I wanna ask is very simple, in the reply the staff said I should “restart the webserver”

How do I do that ?

Google: how to restart web server in linux.

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another question, do I want to disallow SQL root login remotely?

I wanna be able to SSH into my site and database, should I just leave this on?

For anyone that is curious , heres the solution:

It seems that you required dedicated support to handle server management issues. With this being said, I would recommend switching to Cloudways that provides managed Cloud hosting platform, optimized for applications to perform super fast with outstanding support that solves the server related errors. Currently Cloudways is providing 40% for 3 months