Set up local server environment (step by step)

Recently I stumbled upon these articles and wanna to set up my own local server environment so that I can get a feel of what web development is all about.

  1. set up lamp stack (done)
  2. install phpMyAdmin
  3. initial server setup with ubuntu
  4. how to set up virtual host
  5. secure apache with lets encrypt

Right now I just finished step one. I set up lamp stack on my local machine. (my OS is ubuntu 18.04)

But what is the next step??? If I just wanna develop my own website, do I need do anything else from above?

Or I should just starting to write website right now and learn how to do the rest when I migrate my site to real server ?

I am confused.

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I haven’t used lamp myself but I think that is all you need for html/css/js/php/sql

If you turn on your lamp server, then go to localhost in your browser it should display some sort of splash page

Hi, Zhouxiang.
I suggest you to check Ubuntu 18.04 bugs and little documentation. Last time, I checked I saw there were so many bugs.
If you handled or can handle those bugs just visit this link. It’d help you.
Install LAMP on Ubuntu 16.04

I hope that helps.

Great day. :smiley:

hey, I appreciate the heads up, but the thing I am wondering is should I install phpMyAdmin on my local server?

I have already completed the 1st step, which step should I do next ?

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If you like to work with GUI, you can go with PhpMyAdmin. It’d look a little bit odd for the first time. You’ll get used to it. It’s an optional. I suggest you go and install.

I followed these steps when I installed LAMP.

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so all the other steps I could do them later ?
after I finished writing my own website??

Yes, you can.
Since you installed Apache. I suggest you disable it otherwise it starts up automatically when you turn on your computer or laptop [booting] and eats your battery.

Here’s the command to disable apache on start up.
sudo update-rc.d apache2 disable
To enable it,
sudo update-rc.d apache2 enable

But remember when you go back to installing the rest modules don’t forget to turn on you apacheserver. You can leave you it turned it on.

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I am using a desktop, so I think I can keep it running.

Let that i7 8700 8GB of RAM do some work. LOL. :smile:

thanks for the help! still new to all these.

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