Need help setting up php development on linux

Hi guys! I need some advice that can help to coding on my linux machine.

I’ve already have apache, php and mysql working just fine on a fedora 32 installation. I have a joomla and a wordpress installed as two separated virtual hosts, all works fine.

My problem is about make my scripts or modifications, I use Atom as text editor and always I want to save something had the linux permission thing. Ok I made a mess everywhere with chown and chmod , etc everytime I want to make some file new or modify an existing one.

How people ussualy make this? I think Ive already read more than 200 guides on google and can’t find any comfortable solution. This server is just for testing scripts, I have a web hosting on godaddy but I feel more comfortable making my tests on localhost. I mean I only need edit php and css files and run them.

I work in this way before on windows, I have kind of 2 years on linux, I changed because I wanted to install a better server but still not figuring out about this. Any idea?

Good day Raven666,
I would go down the route of Docker.
I dont have much exp with Docker but find it useful for development environment.
I would love to help more but do some digging in to setting it up, go with Docker and Docker Compose and check out

I can manage to spin up a Wordpress site, thats all i have needed it for.
Its a shame Laragon is not built for Linux, now thats a nice bit of kit…

I hope you find what your looking for.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure I understand the problems you are having. Can you give us a specific example with any error messages you are receiving?

Thanks paul! I’m reading about docker, I think it’s just what I was looking for. I will mark as solution after use it. Thanks for your recommendation. Have a nice day

I can’t do this with docker at least not in this machine. I’m running on fedora 32, after troubleshooting a lot of issues with docker documentation I realized that docker doesn’t work on fedora 32-33 . Not without some admin knowedge that I don’t have.

So I tryed the Podman alternative (which is preinstalled on my fedora distro) but same thing, after fork the entire thing (wordpress, mariadb, apache), I still cannot run my wordpress. Localhost always have DB connection error (same thing with docker).

Documentation about podman on internet is very short, RHEL make some docs but are too outdated. I’m done with this for now, I have a lot of work right now and I feel like I lost the last 48hours for nothing. I will back to this thing after january but for now, I guess I will keep making my things through my slow shared hosting.

I like this idea about containers, but I don’t think that I have the knowledge yet to use them, and without updated documentation is even harder. That or use another linux distro which have full support for docker. Thanks anyway for your help