How to practice with back End Easily! Please HELP

Im currently studying backend with PHP and mySQL, but the course im following uses paid Applications such as a Hosting and and some sort of FTP things(Im a complete newbie)…

I have my own method using 000webhost but its really unefficient… i have to upload my php file over and over again using file manager just to look at a little of change!! What apps, software,site would you want me to use so that it would be easy for me

You could try out a tool called XAMPP if you want to host a website locally on your computer.

+1 on XAMPP.

Understand that web hosts, remote servers etc don’t have any special software that you can’t just put on your computer. In the case of PHP, it’s a piece of software called Apache (a web server), and after installing it’s normally just a case of uncommenting some configs, putting your files in a specific place, and starting the server.

XAMPP makes it dead easy to get everything set up locally anyway, it packages up Apache, with PHP enabled, and a DB (MariaDB, which works the same as MySQL but is fully open-source) + loads of other useful things.

@DanCouper & @Quickz Hiya! Thanks for that! Now Off to mySQL and PHP!