How to show off web projects on LinkedIn?

I have some pojects running on localhost on my computer. I wish to put links of my projects in my LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can see my projects. How do I do it? How to upload the localhost project to some public server?
The projects are built in PHP-MySQL.

Hey there @Username-anuj, have you tried github pages or netlify

GitHub Pages or netlify won’t host PHP-MySQL websites. GitHub of course could show the code, but you will need to find a different type of host that supports Apache or Nginx.

First off, do you already have a server and need help getting the projects on it, or do you need help getting a server setup?

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Oh! My bad!.. Not acquainted with PHP

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The projects are running on my local Apache server.
I wish to share my projects. Put them online. For example, I share my front end static websites using surge. I need to share my dynamic websites and database related projects too. So that people, especially recruiters, can see what is actually built.

I’m using a combination of my own website hosted with SiteGround for static sites and MySQL, Heroku for web apps and MLab for MongoDB.

You might try digitalocean. $5 a month, and its a vps, so you can have total control. I had a WordPress website I was building locally on Ubuntu, and I put it on a digital ocean droplet by running Nginx MySQL, and it wasn’t too difficult. This would be the closest thing I can think of to hosting it locally. You can connect to the terminal via ssh and upload files via ftp (or clone from GitHub).

You could also use a traditional shared hosting, but you wouldn’t have a lot of control.

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You can host PHP projects on Heroku and it’s free. You will also need to set up MySQL, which I haven’t done but I think you can.


Oh … thank you … I’ll try the heroku one…

nearly any webhost would work for you.

if you want to avoid the $5-10 monthly hosting fees, you might consider the 12 month free tier EC2 with AWS - it is more work, of course, but consider it a very valuable learning experience :slight_smile:

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Hello Jason, I will like to know more about that EC2 with AWS. Any reference material maybe?