Creating a MySQL GUI

I’m a beginner to MySQL, and someone asked me to make a database for them to store microscope info. I can’t just hand them a mySQL, They need a spreadsheet or an app to view it. How do I create a Graphical User Interface for them to use? (I know some php)

Or they could just install PHPMySQL

This Gui comes with most apache installations

They want something simple. They aren’t coders.

PhpMySql is pretty simple. They can add, insert and edit records simply enough. I wouldn’t build them a full software solution for that…do you have a server they are going to host it on?

No, they are using it locally.

Okay, well you can use something like MAMP to install a local server. Have them use phpmysql or build them a local website, or see what Guis may be out there to install on apache.

Otherwise your in software dev and need to build an application. You can do something with Node.js and Electron if your familiar…Java, C+, etc…if you have experience with any of that.

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  1. Put all of your SQL code into an SQL file.
  2. Have the other person install XAMPP locally on their computer, which comes with a GUI called phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is simple enough for anyone to use, you don’t need to be a coder.
  3. The other person can then use your SQL code in that SQL file to re-create the database.

Or alternately, you can have the other person install MySQL Workbench, which won’t have the overhead of PHP, and will work just as well, maybe even better, since it’s an official GUI/app.

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