Video tutorial on locally hosting your own MySQL database server, and also an introduction to SQL queries which you can practice on the server you just made

Many of you are likely interested in learning about databases. You might want to store data for your web app or back end projects from FCC. But you don’t know where to start learning!

Learn by doing is the most fun way. In this video tutorial, I show you how to set up a MySQL database server. This allows you to host databases on your own machine. I teach you a bit about SQL, like how to populate your databases with data, how to query your databases to see what data is stored there, and so on. Once your server is all set up and you have been presented with the general idea on how it all works, you will be ready to learn more on your own. I show you an online resource that describes the features of SQL in more depth.

I hope that’s helpful for you. Enjoy!