Building a Job Board

I have this little project in mind I wan’t to do as practice for my skills. My idea is to create a website where people can post job offers, I’ve got the frontend almost sort out (I’ve been playing a lot with boostrap lately) but I’m struggling to begin with the backend part. I’m looking for something simple so where do you guys think I should start? Do you know any good courses or tutorials that build this kind of software that I could follow?
Thanks in advance and I hope you are having a good day! :smile:

How much do you know about back end development? What is it that you are struggling with? What you need to learn depends on what you can already do.

I know the basics of node.js (express) and I want to put that knowledge to work to keep improving, but I’m just not able to “freestyle” with it, if you know what I mean. I guess the best thing for me right now would be tutorials that explain how real world applications work

I highly recommend, and he’s got some NodeJS tutorials that should help you out. You’ll also need some database instruction, and I suggest you use MongoDB with the Mongoose ORM framework. I can’t recommend any free sources for those items, but I’m sure you can find something by poking around YouTube. Also, check your local library. Many libraries are partnering up with online education platforms like and Treehouse and will pay for your access. You have a good chance of living near such a library in the U.S., but I’m not sure about other countries. If you’d like access to Treehouse in particular, and you don’t live in New York, you can apply for an out of state library card at Queens Library. For $50 per year, you get all member benefits, including access to Treehouse. It’s not free, but still way cheaper than paying for Treehouse yourself.