Need advice in developing college project in Node

I have to create online auction website using Node.js Express MangoDB and ejs. At the moment I have done just installing Node and express generator with whole structure of MVC. Can someone advice me how to create website using ejs I’m completly lost and don’t know what to do.I search the web but I cant understand the steps I should take to complete this project. I would appreciate any links, course, books anything that could help me.

Thank you guys for your tme.

Well, I’d hop on youtube and do some tutorials on ejs.

But I don’t understand - they want you to do a project in languages you’ve never used before? What kind of school is that? They never taught you ejs but want you to use it? How much time do you have?

ejs is a templating language. It allows you to split your html into different files, and send them dynamic data from your server. Of course, this is independent of the JS that is running in your client - something that took me a while to wrap my head around.

It would not be feasable for us to write 200 pages of posts to explain what you need to do. But seriously, go to youtube. For example, I really like Traversy’s stuff and I see that he has a crash course in EJS. And I’d bet you money that if you looked around, you could find a couple of tutorials that use Node/Express/Mongo/EJS to build something. I think Traversy tends to use Handlebars (instead of ejs) but I know there are other out there because I ran across some of them when I was trying to learn Handlebars.

But this is hard stuff. This is confusing at first. It’s definitely learnable, but it isn’t easy. Best of luck.

Hi Kevin, thank you for reply. Yep they never taught me ejs, the idea is that they mention to you and you have to learn yourself, I know is weird. I have 10 days to do it. Thanks for the link. really appreciated.

Wow, that’s a weird college. Well, 10 days is possible, but you’re going to have to work your ass off.

Yes, it’s weird. I know you said is not feasible to write 200 pages of list that needed to be done. But do you think is good start to create one web page with logo and menu. From what I read ejs is using spliters the web page file is split in smaller files containg specific sections like header, footer, nav etc. Im not scare of hard work

Yeah, I’m a fan of “start small and build on it”. But I still think you’d be well server to go through some video tutorials and actually build a few things to have an idea what you’re doing.

Thanks Kevin for your time and advice, really appreciate.