MongoDB for Node.js Developers Online Course

Hi everyone! Just want to share I joined this 7-weeks online course “MongoDB for Node.js Developers” by MongoDB themselves. Seems like a good one to get more in depth knowledge about MongoDB that will help with the backend projects. Anyone started as well? Maybe we can help each other out a bit while doing the course!


Hi there chemok78, I actually did the course last year, it was tough work I have alot of notes but really I felt good by the end of it. Getting to grips to a database works on the side with the mongodb node api and express framework. It actually helped and is still helping me in making my site, a bible parallel reader.

They also do certificates for a cost after you complete the course which you can add to your linkedin cv.
It’s a Great Course i’d more than recommend it!

link to course @

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I just started the course today. So far most of it I had already learned, but I did finally learn how to use the Mongo database in an actual javascript file - the tutorial I did before only used the command line. So that was great. I still have a few more videos to watch.

I don’t really like the ‘one week at a time’ format for online courses, but this one seems really good, so I’ll try to make it work.

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Nice! I was thinking to do the Developer certification later, have you done that?

cool, I just started the first video’s as well. I did some online tutorials focusing on making small apps with the MEAN stack, but what I like for now about this MongoDB course is that explain on a high level what MongoDB is (like data is actually stored as BSON and why) that helps with a better understanding when working with it I think.

Yeah the ‘monogdb certified developer’, its just a multiple choice test of what you learn during the course. Its timed to about 2h, and yes I did that after the node course

Taking this course! Having done the work for the first two weeks, I’d definitely recommend it for others interested in the subject. (I think you may still be able to join as of this weekend.) Feel free to reach out to me as I struggle through the coursework myself, I’m @halfalpine on Twitter. Cheers!

The latest cohort for this course just started. Anyone else following along?

Hi Lionel,

I’m signed up for that one actually! Would be fun to know if any other campers are in it.
Finished the homework and challenge problem. Pretty fun!

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