The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB - Udemy Review

This is my review of The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB by Stephen Grider and I have one word. Amazing. I’m continuing the discussion from my The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review which I see either a lot of people are just finding out about Colt or has taken and agreed with me that he’s amazing. This review is for the people who have finished that course.

If you want more practice than this course by Stephen Grider is amazing. This definitely is a complimentary course as it goes into advanced nodejs/mongoose/es6 promises, and he drills this into your head by testing with mocha.


He’s fine to listen too. I’m not board with the content. I’m understanding it, and following along. I’m half way through so I will finish tomorrow, and update this thread.


There are not a lot of users in this course. Currently 2,496 so the Q&A is not flooded.


I really feel like with Free Code Camp, Colts Course, and this one you will be fine. Like I mentioned in another thread I’m already working on clients sites, putting this stuff to practice.

I want to end this by saying that this is a living document. As I said I will finish it tomorrow or the following and update this review, but if you’re already somewhat comfortable with mongoose, and express I would like to invite you to look at this one.


I’ve only done myself a disservice by not completing this course sooner. If this course was half of the length it would be worth it. I learned a lot. We have two projects after really knocking out the User model.

  1. Electron React App which is based on Artist where you’re introduced to some advanced mongoose helpers for filtering. You really, really learn a lot here. Not so much react, he has a boilerplate app where you need to create the model, schema, and handle all the logic for the crud with filtering, pagination, text string search. It’s really cool.
  2. Creating a our own Uber API. :expressionless: wow. He calls it muber which is an express API written from scratch. Really cool. You’re using mocha, express, mongoose and doing some geolocation stuff. :slight_smile:

Please, if you’re really serious about using Mongoose as your ORM you’re going to learn a crapload with the Developers Guide to MongoDB by Stephen Grider. and it’s not only the methods he’s teaching me. He’s really made me a better developer because how he names things. We all know sometimes naming is hard. You’re going to get all kinds of es6 sugar as everything will be written with es6. :sunny:


I can vouch for this course.One of the best online course and probably best on Mongoose with Node.js.This course would teach you a lot of things.Stephen is a great instructor.

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Despite the length of this course, it doesn’t go far beyond the fundamentals. But that’s okay because what you do learn, you really do learn.

The first few hours are mostly spent writing tests for Mocha. In my opinion, this is actually a brilliant way to introduce the basics of schema, models, and queries for MongoDB/Mongoose with just the right amount of context. Getting hands-on experience writing and running tests with Mocha is an unexpected bonus.

There are issues with some of the project setups, particularly for Windows users. I think most of these can be resolved simply by npm installing cross-env and adding it to the beginning of your package.json test script (ie, "test": "cross-env NODE_ENV=test nodemon --exec 'mocha --recursive -R min'").

There’s much more to learn after completing this course, but it should leave you with a solid foundation.

Hello there mate, i just want to say that i also feel the same like you mate, i took course on Udemy “The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy” and it is amazing, i’m close to finish my course actually. so cheer for us and for him (colt) for giving us a best lecturer ever

I am close to finish thAT, and I feel that with this one, plus Anthony Alicea’s Angular, Node and Understanding the weird parts I’ll make a solid base.
Only complaint is that it took SOOOOOO LOOOONG to complete.
I can only wish I can get fired from my current position so I can ditch his dreadful job, take the 3 months severance and take a month off to lock myself in and consolidate my portfolio.