New free M001 "MongoDB Basics" course from Mongo University

Hey all, just wanted to share the word on MongoDB University’s latest free course which I just got an e-mail about. It’s called M001: MongoDB Basics, which is self-explanatory. Should be a great way for anyone to learn MongoDB who hasn’t used it yet! I already did their M101JS course, which was ok (not particularly great especially for newbies to JSON and NoSQL), but M001 is shorter (3 weeks) and looks like it’s geared more towards newbies than M101JS was.

Here’s the link to the course, the next session starts on June 27:


I’ve enrolled in the 101 course FOUR times and have never made it past week 5. I can do 3 weeks…then maybe i"ll be more motivated to finally finish 101

Just wanted to bump this since the course starts in 5 days. Can’t beat a course on MongoDB provided by MongoDB Inc! :wink:

Just bumping this again since the course started today!

Thank you very much for the Link :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the next session of this course started two days ago, so if anyone missed the previous session, now might be a good time to sign up!

Highly recommend these courses provided by MongoDB University btw, you can’t do better by learning about MongoDB straight from the company that makes it!