Advanced Node and Express Chapters

Man this is tough. I am probably going to do this course twice before i try the projects.

Backend was what i was most interested in coming into this. Its just so much info . Im going to keep going. Just was wondering if this part is tough for everyone.

I feel like when i take a break and come back to the courses sometimes i understand them better, like that is when i get those ‘Eureka’ moments where it makes sense. Just with this section i have far less of those moments lol.

I hope one day i am good enough to help others learn


Yeah, it’s probably changed since I did it, but I definitely remember being confused. It’s a lot of info and “boring” to learn - at least it doesn’t give you the same rush as building a web page.

Realize that FCC isn’t comprehensive. At this point you should be comfortable going and looking things up in documentation. I might also suggest looking up some free videos on express, etc. and either watch or code along with someone. The more you see it, the sooner it will click.

even though this is the most challenging i have tried, i do think it is the most rewarding thus far, as this is part of the internet and computers in general i didnt even know existed. Its definitely cool to start to learn behind the scenes how these things operate.

Yeah, I never really understood what was happening with http until I learned to build my own servers. It definitely filled in a lot of blanks for me.