Feedback needed on supplement to Node and Express tutorials

Before I move on with the rest of the Back End certification, I want to dig a little more into the first two Node and Express tutorials in order to get a better grasp of things.

To that end, I am documenting the problems, the solution, and the output with explanations added. Hopefully by doing this I can kind of teach it back to myself.

Here is a link to the blog where I am keeping the documentation.

Please if you are able, point out any errors and omissions. I am going to be using these posts as reference material for the remaining FCC front-end projects so I need them to be accurate. I have only done the one so far.

In the directions, the webpage isn’t the client, it’s the browser.
In the directions, you correctly state that you will use res.json, but in the code, you use res.send.

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Just updated the blog. Thanks! More on the way.