Advanced node and express course


I have been trying to tackle the challenges on advanced node and express but I think it is better that I go and find a course, read through articles and learn advanced node and express first.

I have been through this experience learning node a few years ago. Learnyounode. Nice exercices but I didn’t understand what the purpose of them was.

I’m not going to learn from the inside out again hoping I can dig a tunnel to the blue sky.

I’ll learn what I need to get through the challenges but I’m not going to do this on FCC.

The challenges on React, D3 and ES6 were awesome. And such wonderful projects! But these challenges… no way, I’m not doing that to myself again.


Hi Karin,

Are you referring to Advanced Node and Express in Quality Assurance section?

If so, have you gone through Basic Node and Express in APIs and Microservices section?


Yes, I’ve got the first five certificates. Basic node and express were not hard for me because it wasn’t new. Only mongoose was and that is not so hard. I knew what a backend was, an api, an endpoint, get and post requests (learned that with CS50 and flask python), I had worked with express and npm, I know what sql is and I’ve made backend exercises with flask. I could handle that. Had I not had this knowledge, I might have thrown up my hands in that section already.

It’s a new world. D3 is ‘just’ a library but a backend is not a library, it’s a entire universe and I don’t think you can approach the subject in the same way.

I’ve never used await async before, I’m just getting used to working with promises. I see that structure popping up in the docs all the time so it’s important. I don’t understand app.router, are you supposed to connect with that uri you’re given? No idea how to do that. The authentication system is very important and ‘use these these functions’ does not do it for me. I am connecting functions that I vaguely understand. That’s ok for one function or two, but it just keeps on coming.

I’m not going there again. In CS50 everything was explained in detail and the whole backend story turned out not to be that difficult. I suspect that advanced express isn’t that difficult either but the challenges don’t offer enough explanation.

I do love FCC but yesterday I felt miserable. I’ll work on those projects sooner or later because my experience tells me that those projects are a great way to integrate new knowledge. I would like to get on with it and that is why I feel so frustrated. This one is going to take time.


Hey Karin,

thanks for your feedback.

Did you find good resources/courses that fit your needs?
What’s their advantages over the FCC lessons?


I did this course on the internet on coursera. It is taught by Charles Severance and there’s a film in it about public key encryption. Is that the reasoning behind serialization and deserialization ? I cannot find it on youtube, it’s very clearly explained.
It provides context. If something really abstract is placed in context that makes it more concrete, it helps me to remember and connect it with other pieces of information. Once you have assimilated new information, it’s easy but understanding the meaning of an endpoint for example is not so simple. You get it once you have used it, but you can only use it once you get it.

So far that’s it. I will scrape the information together and I can post sources if people are interested.
I was in a really foul mood, I don’t enjoy this situation but there it is. I got through this before and I will do it again.
Thanks for taking an interest,