Dire question on product landing page project

So I am on my product landing page project and i looked over the code that fcc provided: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/RKRbwL

and I just have a question. Where in the HTML document does the code import the icon image for the body page. The section I am referring to is - Premium materials, Fast shipping, and Quality assurance. There is an image next to all those headings and I don’t see any code that imports them next to those words.

The reason I ask is because I want to duplicate the fcc projects that are shown and I don’t copy and paste any of the code unless it is to import an icon or image that I am going to use.

I also use brackets to do all my projects and then copy and paste the code to codepen when I finish so I need to copy the link that contains those images and put them in my folder project that I use for brackets.

I did some digging for this! (I basically had to inspect the icon in my browser to see what it was!)
Ok, so it turns out it is not images. These are icons from https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery

Instructions for use in CSS here: https://fontawesome.com/get-started/web-fonts-with-css

Hope this gives you the insight you needed!

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thank you so much!!! it makes a lot more sense now. Honestly I should have been able to figure it out myself if I just studied the code. I have a long road ahead of me…

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Thanks answered my question as well.