I´m with this project: Build a Product Landing Page

Im doing my challenges, but Im a bit stuck while i`m checking the example:

I don`t understand in the HTML the lines 36-39 for example


first I dont find understand the class fa fa-3x fa-fire I dont get how it get the image from it (It is not in the CSS or wherever)
Second why i, that I understand eighter, as far as I know i its for italic and here image or something.

Really will apreciate your time, Im trying my html, but I really got stucked at this point trying to understand all :wink: with this icons

Thanks so much

the example uses Bootstrap, so if you are unfamiliar with it, many things may not make sense in the example code

my suggestion is to not check the example code that much and instead focus on writing your own code

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It is using Font Awesome (basic use) for the icons. Also, Bootstrap is not used in that example project (just so we do not cause any confusion).

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so it’s just unnecessary added to the pen options?

I don’t see Bootstrap in the options?

Maybe you are looking at the CDN domain name bootstrapcdn. If you look at the full URL it is just the Font Awesome CSS file.


thanks I will, but I love to read all the code to understand ;). Thanks

thanks so much, now I understand :wink: