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Can’t seem to find an answer to this. This project needs 1. a logo 2. icons - where do we access these files? Font awesome wants an upgrade to make a kit (for icons) and as for the logo - seems like you have to design and upload. Please provide some feedback. I have been at this all day.


The Product Landing Page is a project where you’re expected to demonstrate what you have learned. FreeCodeCamp doesn’t provide you with any resources, the idea is that you build the project as if a client asked you to build it.

For instance, imagine a company that sells pre built houses asks you to build their products landing page, that’s what you’re expected to do; how do you present the products, how do you layout the images, the colors, the responsiveness, etc.

You can use free images on the internet to build your project :slight_smile:

Hi. Thank you for the feedback. I assumed that. I didn’t know I could use free images from the internet. Thanks for that tip.

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You can just use a CDN for font awesome and unsplash is a good site to get free images.


thank you. I really appreciate you doing this.

Download Font Awesome Free or Pro for the Web or Desktop | Font Awesome” You can find free and pro.
For a custom logo or icon, you can learn and make it yourself with “Inkscape”. It’s free and open-source. Download Inkscape 1.2.1 | Inkscape

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