Icons and logos

So again this is new to me think I have been learning on codecamp for about three weeks. I am working on my product landing page. In the example page provided, it has both a logo on top. As well as icons for material and shipping on the side. I know it is not necessary to pass. But where do I look for things like that to use as a logo or icon.
Thanks, Gabe.

You might try https://pixabay.com/. It has all kinds of free stock images to download.

Hey @gabeskates,


is what you are looking for.

If you go to “how to use” section on their page,
they will guide you about it.

This guide might also help.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much.

I liked this collection too.

Try canva.com and pexels.com
There are amazing pictures/photos which you can use for free.