Icons - Product Landing Page

Looking for icons to use for the projects that I am able to link to without having to upload somewhere.

I’m working through the responsive webdev projects, and just started the Product Landing Page today. I looked through the requirements, and the sample page itself. I feel like I’m in a good place to start (aside from digging into more resources on Flexbox).

However, I’m looking for help or information on where to pull icons from for these projects. So far I haven’t been looking at the code of the project examples, but I thought doing so would give me a clue where to look for icons to be linked. I found that the trumpet header icon is being hosted on an fcc server, and the flame/bus/battery icons are…well, I couldn’t figure that out.

Does anyone have a good resource on where I can find open soursce icons/images that can be linked for these projects?


I tend to use https://fontawesome.com/

Read their docs to figure out how to implement them.

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Thanks Jackson. I’ll dig into it. I appreciate the source :+1: