Discord bot does not work

can someone help me. it only gives me errors even the code of the video does not work.

Here is the full code from the video I am referring to. I am doing the python discord bot tutorial from freecodecamp. I believe there are issues with it.

Hi @annejan223 !

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In the future, you should describe what error messages you are experiencing.
You will get more responses that way.

When I ran your code, I received this error message.
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

Usually that happens when you have some mixture of tabs and spaces.

This is a pretty popular project on youtube.
There have been plenty of people that were able to get it working.

If you believe there is an issue with the code from the tutorial, it would help if you were more specific about where the issue is.

Hope that helps!

sorry haven’t been on this platform that long. well the whole code of the video is not working. because I tested it myself. And I’m not the only one, there are many more.

What video are you talking about? What errors are you seeing?

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I have edited your post to include the name of the tutorial you are talking about and their source code.

You haven’t provided us with much information besides it doesn’t work. We want to be able to help you but you have to give us more to go on.

What error messages are you getting?
What lines of code are not working from the video?

Please provide more details :grinning:

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