Python Discord Bot doesn't work, shows NO errors

I was following the YT tutorial on how to code a Discord bot on Python, and after writing the exact code as the video showed and following the exact same steps, the bot still does nothing when i give it commands.

The video I am referring to is Code a Discord Bot with Python - Host for Free in the Cloud - YouTube

Here’s the code I wrote, did I do anything wrong but can’t see it?

import discord
import os

client = discord.Client()

async def on_ready():
    print('We have logged in as {0.user}'.format(client))

    async def on_message(message):
        if == client.user:

            if message.content.startswith('$hello'):

indentation is an important syntax feature in python, it indicates what’s inside of what
if your indentation doesn’t match it is not going to do the same thing

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Thank you so much! It works now.