Discord bot is not working


and when i try to run the program


here is my code so far

Please include your full code instead of a screenshot. It is very difficult to help from a screenshot.

Full code in text form,

import discord
import os

client = discord.Client()


async def on_ready():
  print('We have logged in as {0.user}'


  async def on_message(message):
    if message.author == client.user:

    if message.content.startswith('*lenny'):
        await message.channel.send('( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)')


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As the error mentions in your first post, Python is throwing an indentation error.

Here, your function definition has no indentation level and does not throw an error.

Here, your function definition DOES have an indentation level and is throwing an “Unexpected Indentation” error. What happens if you remove the indentation here?

thank you that helped alot

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