Display A tweet for random generated quote

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The newQuote() is a button to generate new quote and the shareQuote() is to tweet the generated quote. the generated quote is meant to be saved in the variable currentQ but it seems its not. Please can someone go through my code and help me out.

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var currentQ = "";
var newQuote = function() {
  var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * (quotes.length));
  document.getElementById("quoter").innerHTML = quotes[randomNumber];
 currentQ = $("#quoter").text();
var shareQuote = function() {
  window.open("https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=" + currentQ)
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Build a Random Quote Machine | freeCodeCamp

Your code uses jQuery but it’s not imported in your code.

Thank you so much @kevcomedia
Solved the problem.