Display error message in a forgot password section

I wanna display an error message in a forget password section and in the given link Account
I tried this code in terms of a solution but could not be able display error msg.

 $('#customer_password'). on('focusout' ,function(){
   if($('#customer_password').value() != ""){
   } else {
      $('#customer_password').text('Password Required... !!');
   function validatePassword(pVal) {
  var val=  /^[A-Za-z]\w{7,14}$/;
    if(val.test(pVal)) { 
     alert('Correct, try another...')
      return true;
   return false;


whats your desire output here?! it might be useful for others to contemplate on this…

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I mean after trying the above solution i did not get error message which i wanna display.

is it possible to share a sandbox link to that?! cause its not clear to me where you want to show that error message and why it’s not showing up!!

Actually it’s my shopify-store. So won’t be able to share the sandbox.

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