Do check my MERN chat app(Chat-Budd)and leave a feedback for improvement. Thank you

Hello everyone, thank you for being here.
As you can already make out from the topic title that I need your help to test the chat app I created using MERN stack.
Here is the link to my app.
Use it and do share a feedback to help me improve.

please at least describe what it is you are looking for help with. (“test the chat app” is not specific)
Your post right now can almost be considered spam. (what do you plan to do after people express interest for eg? )

I would suggest posting whatever it is you want people to review or try and go from there.

I am gonna share the link once I have some volunteers cause the features can be best experienced when multiple users are connected.

Expecting us to agree to an open ended help request without showing us the code is really unrealistic and mildly rude.

Help me ask in a better way, if these words don’t sound right.

Please post your code and your questions about your code. Devs here are volunteers - you aren’t likely to get a lot of people just waiting until you tell them it’s OK for them to test your project.

May be the word test should not have been used. I want people to use the application and not test to check whether it has any errors while code execution.

Then post it. People rarely agree to an open ended, sight unseen agreement to test/review/etc code projects.

Will do that then. Thanks.

@JeremyLT and @hbar1st, this is the link to my app . Do check it and leave a feedback for improvement.

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