Sharing Ideas - MERN Page!

A basic MERN app to share ideas, like them and comment if necessary. CSS usage is minimized thanks to Milligram framework.


Sharing Ideas is a small project based on MERN course offered by LinkedIn Learning. I spent several hours debugging, trial and errors and finally got it working. I hope source code provide some help/clarity to anyone who is getting introduced to MERN stack like me or learning these concepts at beginner level.

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Hey there, wanted to check out your work but the short url was not redirecting me to tour site. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone? :thinking:

Great work! Everything seems to be working fine. I would suggest you try to build an app without the help of a tutorial now. You can do it! :grin:

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I have a BIG project in mind that could blow up to be as large as amazon ;). But you would have to sign an NDA for that.

Edit: In the future this WILL be the thing 100%, just need someone to start the company. (I don’t have the funds, nor knowledge to do so, it would be a company mostly comprised of developers.)