New Project // Creating a Blog with React, MongoDB & Express- any input welcome

Hello out there,

I started a new project today that, hopefully, will help growing as a developer and maybe in other ways as well :slight_smile:

I am starting a blog while I am developing it, using React,MongoDB and Express. I started this evening and at the moment it’s a barely styled layout with the first blog post - and many placeholders (the general idea should be clear, though :slight_smile: ).

If you wanna join the journey just visit and read about my plan!

Good luck and hope it goes well. I used this stack for my voting app and learned a lot and quite enjoyed it.

Sounds awesome! I’ve been looking for a good tutorial/series on using React/MongoDB/Express together. I haven’t had much success googling so it will be fun to watch yours develop!

Thank you :slight_smile:
Took a while until the next post, since I did a whole rewrite: