Do I need a mentor for evaluation?

Hi, folks.
So I am almost done writing a project which I used to test all of my HTML/ CSS knowledge so far and there is A LOT of code in there. I’ll try to shorten it once I’m done but it’s still a lot. When people here ask for advice, it’s usually for much smaller things but I’d like to find someone to go through all of this, judge it and give me advice to improve. Should I just post it here or should I look for a mentor? I’m willing to pay a little for their time and effort if they’re legit.

Hi @BurningQuestion !

I heard about this free mentorship site through a women who code meetup.

You could also reach out to @nhcarrigan for a code review.
I think he still offers paid code reviews through his site.
If not, you can totally correct me @nhcarrigan :grinning:

When, I was building my first website we had a really awesome code review session.

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You can always post your project and its source code in #project-feedback and ask for feedback and code review.

I personally like reviewing ones code more than most apps, as there is almost always room for some forms of objective improvement, where-as whatever the code does/build can end up subjective (what looks “nice” for one person might not be the same as another)

Short code doesn’t mean its “clean code”, which is what you usually want to strive for. Its fine to keep things on the verbose side, as long as its clear, doesn’t repeat itself, and isn’t over-engineered.

The best code is no code, but the second best type of code is clean, simple, straight forward, self documenting code.

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Ah, thank you for some recommendations. ^^

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I guess I’ll do both then but maybe for the forum I’ll specify what kind of advice I’m looking for and where to find certain things in the code so it’s easier for people (which line certain part starts on etc.)

Asking for focused feedback is usually easier to find and get.

As posting your entire source and asking for generic advice or help requires a lot more work on the part of those reviewing/helping.

So yea, asking for specific advice should be a good way to go about it :+1:

I’ve got a pretty full plate at the moment so I put most of that stuff on hold.

Always happy to poke at things when time allows, though.

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