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Hi Guys,

I’ve been working through the course and utilising the code reviews chat room to get feedback on the work I’ve done. However I’d like to comment that a lot of the feedback that people give / get is based around the design of their website; which while this is very important personally I would also like to know whether or not my code is good; or if there was a better way to achieve what I’ve down. Now I know this would take more time so I was thinking perhaps it would be better suited to being a section of the forums where we could post code for review; people would comment on it and provide useful feedback.

I think it could also provide a good medium for new developers to see how to do things / not to do things. Let me know what you guys think! :smile:




I think it is a good idea! At the my current workplace unfortunately I do not get any revision by other developers on my work. In general we do not do pair programming or revising eachothers’ code. I would not like to go to details what are the reasons and outcomes but it is not too good practice.
I would be interested to give and hear reviews on code personally as I see potential learning possibility there :slight_smile:

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Good to see someone is onboard :slight_smile:

I think it’s fair to see that for this to go ahead some guidance on doing code reviews would be required.

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I feel the same way! Although I do appreciate design tips, my main focus is code quality. I would love to have a place where the focus of the reviews would be on the structure and quality of the code. Great idea!

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I’ve submitted a few projects on the code review chat rooms for feedback and I find the same issue as well.

While we wait for the new section of the forum for more in depth code reviews to be created, lets not forget about the various linters online that can do a thorough quality check of our code.


HTML W3C Markup Validation Service

CSS W3C Validation Service

CSS Lint

“Can I use”

Boostrap Bootlint Online



JSFiddle Tidy Code feature to beautify your code


Style Guides

Let’s not forget the various style guides out there:

Google JavaScript Style Guide

MDN Javascript Style Guide

Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language by Douglas Crockford

idiomatic.js Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript (recommended by Kyle Simpson)

Granted, not everybody in the programming community agrees 100% on the standards of these linters and style guides but I’m sure if you pass the checks these linters provide and follow one of these style guides, your code will be good quality.


i think this is an awesome idea, i’m still a rookie in web development and i need help in making my code better. i designed a page for my presentation in class but it only looked good on my pc’s screen. i have taken bootstrap tutorial classes online (including here on FCC) but im still finding it difficult to design the navigation area of my site to be compatible with every device (or at least bigger screens). here’s a sample of my code, i really do need your help guys. thanks

I certainly agree with your point regarding Linting but no everybody knows about this and you aren’t always going to get the best ways of doing things or good explanations why doing something else is more efficient.

It looks to be like you’re writing your own navigation classes rather than using the bootstrap ones. This is a lot harder. Check out this part of the bootstrap site:

I find that proper code reviews need good tools. That’s why Pull requests on Github, Bitbucket or similar services are the place where code reviews usually happen: Right before the code gets shipped, with all the differs and commenting features one would possibly need to discuss each line of code.

It’s tough when you just have a code file in front of you, can’t see the updates/iterations easily, can’t easily point each other to specific lines of code etc.

The forum would be a great place to do it, if there was more specialized support like this around code snippets, perhaps with permalinks to individual lines inside a code block, and that code block allowing annotations of some kind…

Since that’s not the case, and rather difficult to implement as a custom feature (perhaps there are modules / plugins for Discourse out there?), perhaps Github repos can be used?


I think that github pull requests are appropriate when you’re reviewing a change that has been made but when you’re reviews the first “complete” iteration of a code base then there are no comparisons to be made.

@joechan3 thank you for these links! This is a very valuable comment. Here is another one: The Official Swift Style Guide

Yes, true. But it still gives you in-line commenting, which tend to be the reason for new versions to be committed to the PR, at which point you then see diffs between them as well.

I’m not saying it’s the best possible way of reviewing code collaboratively, but still the best I’ve seen.
If we could get something similar going on this forum or some code sharing site like JSbin or what have you, that would be great.

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Yes I agree with this 100%. Design tips are great but sometimes I feel like my code is a bit too hacky. Building things is an extremely important part of learning…but so is taking sometime at the end to reflect on what you could have done better. Do you guys have any resources for learning for CSS best practices? Sometimes I feel like I let me CSS get pretty cluttered

Ah, I see what you were trying to say. If I use the analogy of writing an article for writing code, we want to help people write great articles, not just ones that passes the spell checker and Strunk’s Elements of Style :smiley:


yeah that was the initial design, i’ve tried replicating it with bootstrap but couldn’t get it right

What do the pros use in-house for their collaborative code reviews?

We use [Code Collaborator] ( It’s a little clunky and showing its age, but it works well enough.

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I very much like the idea of this section! However, it seems to be abandoned since about a year just after it’s inception. To start things anew, I would like to humbly ask for a code review of my Recipe Box project which can be found at

We use Code Collaborator and JSON Formatter. It’s functional and quite easy to use