How do you review code?

Every time I complete or am halfway through a project I always go to a more experienced developer to review my code. I usually upload my files to github, send him code lines on the chat or send him a pastebin link with my code to review my code.

Don’t you think there should be a better way to let somebody review your code?

What do you do when you want somebody else to review your code?

At work, we are tackling tasks, which create (hopefully) small pull requests. Then other devs review these, but they are (hopefully) small and confided to one area/problem. We don’t write a whole big program and ask someone to check it.

Of course, with experience you start to “self-review” as you code. It’s still good to have other people look at it, but you learn to make smarter choices as you go.

This is very very accurate.

I find it helps to contribute to open-source projects, or find a smaller project to join. Working with other developers and following a review process for contributions to the project can be very educational, and you’ll find your overall code quality improving.

Thanks, I was wondering why there isn’t a forum like stackoverflow for code reviews.

Well, there is literally stack overflow for code reviews

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