Do I need to pay for the certificate project?

I’m living in Paraguay, While I work with digital tools I have a serious problem as many of my fellow partners: I don’t have a credit card. Yes, I can use bitcoins but the process is much more complicated. I’m seeing if I want to take a non-profit project I have to donate at least USD 5/month, which I can afford it but I don’t have a way to donate.

I saw the certifications are for free but this is very confusing for me. Do I have to pay or not for the certification?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Everything is gratis. The donations son voluntarias.


No. straight from @QuincyLarson, students and non-profits will NEVER need to pay for FREE Code Camp. What you are talking about the donations to the non-profits is a voluntary thing you can chose to do or not do that will theoretically help you to stay accountable since you will be putting your money where your mouth is.


Thanks @ChadKreutzer for the reply. So, in order to understand…what I pay is a motivation to finish my job?

That’s the idea. You will be motivated to stop having to pay out the money so you finish quicker and stay more dedicated. And in the meantime a good cause is getting the benefit.

But like I, and others, have said, this is completely voluntary. If you feel it will help you, by all means try it. If you feel it won’t, then don’t. And if you want to donate to the cause just cause you want to support them, then go ahead and do that too.


I would like to know this too. I encountered this pay for play tactic here:

I wanted to complete the 'commit-to-a-goal-and-a-nonprofit challenge but I couldn’t. I was working through challenges and was directed to the ‘Hack Club’ page. Once there I couldn’t complete the challenge unless I chose a monthly donation amount.

If this is supposed to be a cute “figurative money” thing, then please make that more clear. I chose $5 and now it looks as if I’m committed to paying something. Do I need to reverse this?

I lost my job in May because I took too much time off for my 2 year old daughter when she was sick and had to go to the burn clinic this winter. So, I’m not cheap. I’m just in a bad way which is most of why I’m here.

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Hey thanks P1xt!

I didn’t leave a method of payment, but it the challenge went through anyway. I would really love to donate some time to help the cause, but I just can’t donate money right now.

@P1xt If there’s a way to donate time, I will do it!

Okay. That’s what I had assumed at first, but this commit to a non-profit challenge was next in my list of challenges. So I began thinking that projects could be assigned incrementally after finishing certain sections.

FWIW, there were a lot of challenges I had previously conquered, but then when the new format came along, they reappeared as if I had never touched them.

Hi @jon-starnes it sounds like you may have accidentally created a duplicate account at some point. This happens all the time (campers forget whether they originally logged in with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter), and is one of the reasons we simplified our authentication to just allow email and GitHub. If you send an email to team at freecodecamp com I can help you locate your original challenges and merge your accounts.

I think there were only a few peppered throughout the list of challenges. Most were the information and resource challenges like adding LinkedIn, all which required clicking a link and opening a new tab.

I’ll double check though.


Hello, @ChadKreutzer, sir I am a student and I wanted to ask if we have to pay monthly to freecodecamp as I am getting pop-up messages from the website to pay whenever I move ahead with my challenges.