Do my completed projects get saved into freeCodeCamp portfolio or where?


I would like to keep track of all my completed projects done thanks to all the amazing knowledge given by the freeCodeCamp Courses :star_struck: :100:

I am so proud of what I have accomplished, thanks to freeCodeCamp and on me working hard :woman_technologist: :partying_face:

I started studying Web Design Certification on 5th May :slight_smile:

I just successfully completed my 1st project using HMTL and CSS code from complete scratch

I made an amazing survey form :ok_woman: it took me almost a day, I was afraid I would have not been able to do it myself without being supervised (afraid of tutorial hell :sweat_smile: but I made it)

Making the projects is the real test! I am more more skillful now and this is just the beginning of my path as web dev :1st_place_medal: :trophy:

Anyway lol where do my completed projects done via freeCodeCamp get saved? I downloaded the code of my survey form made but I did not get another option

I heard of CodePen or something like that how does that work?
I don’t have the link to my 1st completed project, where has it gone?

can I show my code via a Github account? Should I put my full name on there to show off my skills? I think freeCodeCamp has a video explaining Github, right? Github has me confused a bit but from what I noticed every professional web dev has a Github account

How to go about it? :thinking:

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