Do you like the gradient on this survey form?

Just playing around with this baby; it’s been a while I developed forms.


@Temitp, where is there a gradient? I’m seeing a picture background and your form container is black.

@Temitp, its quite nice, I like the combination of blue and purple. Aesthetics wise your form is quite nice.
However, I noticed that under the options for the question “Were you satisfied with the quality of work delivered on your projects?” one of the answers is “somehow”, but i think you meant “somewhat” :slight_smile:

:smile: Hahahaha. The gradient is 100% conspicuous.
background-image: linear-gradient(
rgba(68, 55, 108, 0.7),
rgba(13, 114, 198, 0.8)

Thank you @Miko9898
I just corrected that to “somewhat”. Thanks for your feedback :grinning:

I love you emphasize on aesthetics always. I like the fact you observed and mentioned that straightaway.

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