Build a survey form feedback

I’m not the best at CSS and I am looking for feedback on things i could improve on for example: page layout, fonts, color layouts, ect. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Great work Marcos! Here are a few suggestions:

  • The background linear gradient is distracting. It cuts off when I scroll down. Try changing your body css too:
background: linear-gradient(90deg, papayawhip, cornflowerblue);
  • I would add a border to the survey form
  • There is a spelling error in your form
  • Change the opacity to 1. No need to change it. It’s hard to see otherwise
  • I would add a border and a box shadow to your submit button
  • I would change the box-shadow color to black
  • Extend the text area element to the full width of the form, rather than have it hugging the left side
textarea {
  width: 100%;

Cheers! :+1: