Feedback on my Survey Form, Please

Hello, I am a complete beginner trying to figure out HTML/CSS on my own. I just completed the Survey Form project. Any feedback would be very appreciated! I want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly from the start. :slight_smile:


Good Job! I like the two column layout. However, you overwrote your margin. See screenshot:

Thanks a lot! Fixed now.

I suggest adding the following rule to the html
html{ min-height: 100% ; min-width: 100%; }
otherwise, the end of the body will be visible, as the gradient will be displayed tiled.

and from




in the body rule since the gradient is a generated image

You are doing great so far!

thin the border on your submit button and other things please or make it blend into the background and color of the button.

maybe thin the opacity of your <form></form>

use the opacity css command like this: opacity: 0.8;

Great recommendations, thanks so much!

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Thanks very much for the feedback! I don’t really understand what you mean by this though:

I don’t see any difference with or without the html rule. Could you tell me what it does?

Thanks again.

Hi @stressstressstress

I suggest you to make the input fields to be responsive. As far as I can see they are now fixed width.

Here is how they look on a mobile phone:

It extends the html element down to the bottom of the window. Or in other words it creates a gradient background with the same dimensions the window of the browser. As you can see without that that rule you can see the end of the html element

Got it, thanks!
I had no idea that the html element didn’t extend to the bottom of the window without being told to.

Thanks very much. My phone is so slow, so I just neglected to check it on it. :sweat_smile: