Documentation Page (The Project that made me want to quit)

I have come to hate everything CSS because I just can’t understand it! When ever I get something to actually look somewhat nice or I fix something I feel it is a pure fluke that it happened…Positioning things on a page is beyond difficult for me and I wanted to quit this project but I did it and it works and its responsive on mobile and and and yeah I just wanted to post it here because I struggled through and made it!

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You made it, and it looks good.

If you are ever stick ,look up inspiration. Look up documentation pages, how to replicate the css, affects etc.

I look up so much but when I try to replicate what I look up things don’t work. I feel like I just don’t have a total understanding on things. I tried to make the navbar and content with flex-box but then I looked up how to make a sidebar nav, and they just used margin to match the space made by the navbar and i tried that and it worked and I felt like I really have no idea what I’m doing.

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Look for inspiration in individual things. Look at only the nav bar on one webpage and use the font from another. Combine ideas, create new ones. Dont try to copy 100%, try and get inspiration on what small stuff they did that makes the nav bar look good (logo, font size, location of elements, etc)


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List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) -->

It happened to me as well when I started learning on FCC. What it helped was to take a break here and go to a better documented site so I could understand things better. Try to complete the MDN CSS Guide as well as the assessments they provide there. It will take you some time, weeks or maybe a month, but at the end of it you’ll understand way better CSS than you would if you were to study only in FCC.

Happy coding @cydo and good luck :wink: .

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