Does employer check our github wiki?

I finished FCC frontEnd certification and learning nodeJs. I have been trying to get job for almost two months but no positive replies. However I thought about writing wiki about all my FCC frontEnd projects , explaining how to build the project .
Do you guys think this will help me get employer’s attention?

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It would be better to put that information in the file. If they’re browsing your projects, the readme is the first thing they’ll see. They’ll probably overlook the wiki tab.

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I think it would be pretty rare for a potential employer to go looking at an applicant’s GitHub in most cases.

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I have found this to be the opposite for myself.

To add some context, I have had Four interviews. Two of which I was offered the job, but unfortunately I have had to refuse due to the salary being too low for me. The last one I was turned down for due to my lack of design portfolio (it was a position in a small UX/developing team) and the other came down to lack of experience.

All four employers have looked at my Github page and talked through some of the repos I have on there. I have a phone interview with a marketing agency this afternoon and they also requested my web page and a Github… In the UX job I had to stand up and present my way through my Github page and speak through the coding for the projects I had completed.

Like @elisecode247 mentioned, it would be better to put this info in a readme file in my personal opinion.

Maybe there is something else holding your applications back. The CV is what people see first, and that is important to get right. If you want, you could share on here and we could give you feedback?


It does happen. I just had an interview yesterday where the guy literally pulled up my github account and started checking it out during the interview. Of the dozen or so phone interviews I’ve had, at least a couple have mentioned checking out my github.

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