Does freeCodeCamp still set developers up with nonprofit projects?

I remember when I first got into freeCodeCamp they were showing how they set developers up in pairs with nonprofits after they finish their front end, back end, and data visualization developer certifications. Does freeCodeCamp still do this? All I found was information on a GitHub page and on Wikipedia that said they do, but that looked dated. Can anyone confirm? I want to get back into it because I have a fair amount of the certifications done or almost done, so I want to know where to go from there.

Nope. That aspect of freeCodeCamp only made sense when we were a much much smaller community. In 2016, freeCodeCamp announced that instead of working with specific nonprofits, they would focus on creating Open Source tools designed to be generally applicable to all nonprofit organizations: Open Source for Good.

OK. Thank you! I’ll check it out.