Does it matter how I color my elements?

Is there an advantage to using certiain coloring methods over others.
For example, can I use hsl, hex, rgb, or color names interchangeably and whenever i want, or is there a real reason to be using certain ones for certain reasons?

Thank you!

I tend to use hex since the tools I use to design in use hex, and its easy to copy and past

other than that, I think its just personal choice
but there might be other benefits I don’t know of

I did a quick search on stackoverflow but didn’t find anything

You forgot hwb :slightly_smiling_face: Oh, and lab and lch are already in Safari and will probably be in the others soon.

I think some of the newer color notations are used by designers/artists and thus they allow designers to designate colors in a format they are more familiar with.

As to your main question, does it matter which one you use, no, it does not. If you are the one choosing the colors then use whatever method you prefer.

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Hehehe I had a feeling I’d forget a couple.
I’m still only three projects into the Web Design certification and I LOVE IT.

Another quick question if you don’t mind.
As a front-end developer, do you have to be good at design and photoshop and such?
Or are you generally provided with the design and all you have to do is implement it?

If front end development is something you are looking to do as a career I’d say some understanding of colour theory wouldn’t hurt.

however I don’t think its something you’d need to worry about right now.

for example my cert for the survey form…
was magenta with green text XD

and I passed. at the beginning you’re not expected to be great at everything.
the only thing you really need to do is try your best.

the more practice you can get the better you’ll become, but that cant happen until you have a basic understanding.

there are videos on youtube about what to send to a web developer that you might find interesting.
just try not to get too caught up in the details until later :smiley:

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Thank you so much
Magenta and green sounds like a dream combo heheh

I have heard different responses depending on the developer. Some companies hire UX developers separately from Front End and therefore do not require the Front End devs to design, only to implement.

Thank you again <3

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hsl can be quite handy when developing and coming up with colors as you can more easily brighten/darken/saturate/desaturate the color using the browser dev tools. You just select the number you want to change and use the arrow keys to increase/decrease the number and you get live feedback for the color change.

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