Does this career path make sense?

The end result of my career path results in a start-up/business, products will be software. I enjoy creating web pages, and am also interested in game design. I know I will need capital to start my business(hiring people, equipment, etc.) so I was thinking of getting a job or freelancing as web developer and saving that to invest. The thing is, most of the products will be back-end. I’m going to school for CS or Software Engineering this spring. I know I will have to help the people I hire. Question: Should I stick with Back-End languages since that is what my start up will be, or is it okay to make the switch from Web Dev to Software Programmer?

This was all over the place. But thank you for the feedback.

Here’s my 10cents.
Unless you have some serious artistic talent, (I don’t), then I think you would be better served by sticking with the back end. This is where you learn a bigger variety of skills, Databases, Message Queues, Load balancing, and on it goes.
I don’t mean to offend front end programmers but I feel it is a narrower skillset. Yes, a real good front end person also understands flow, consistency and making the app feel really consistent but I think it all starts with somebody who has a good artistic feel.


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Seeing how you want to be an entrepreneur (my goal too) and run a start-up/business, I think it would be wise to have an all around full-stack concept of how everything works including web and software since you will be in charge and directing people. My cousin is a CTO for two companies part time, runs a development team, and is the owner of several popular mobile apps. He can look at an app in any program language and understand it, he is not really a back-end programmer or a designer - he has a good concept of how it all works and what needs to be done for the mission to be accomplished.

While it is important to have technical skills (you will be communicating with devs), it should also be important to you if you start a business to have more than that. You should have communication and business skills to be able to understand customers needs and know how to communicate that with your team. A lot of technical people have problems communicating with clients, and a lot of business people don’t understand developers. Try to bridge the gap and have an understanding of both sides of the coin.


That really helped man, I forgot about that side of entrepreneurship. Had tunnel vision completely on technical skills. Thanks!