Dog Training Product Landing Page

Please give me a feedback!

Good work overall! Few suggestions

  • Don’t make submit your email bar fixed. It’s occupying too much space already with navbar.
  • Increase overall fontsize
  • Give some spaces between input boxes. They are too close to one another.
  • Change mouse cursor to pointer when it hovers on submit button.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I love me a good pupper website! I like the colors, and boxes, too. Some suggestions I would throw in:

  • your email submit bar overlaps other content between the widths of 970px and 750px (it looks like it is being pushed down by items in your header switching to 2 lines)
  • throw an alt attribute on your pic (it didn’t load for me, and I’d love to know what it was supposed to be.)
    *If you’re feeling adventurous, head over to the Google Fonts page and try out importing fonts. Careful! It’s easy to spend too much time there.

Nice work, and happy coding!

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Thank you guys, I changed what you suggested.