Doing my first project on Glitch in order to learn Node

Hello Everyone. I´ve just started with freecodecamp one week ago and I need some Node knowledge. After doing some sections of the “Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification”. I´ve started the “Apis And Microservices Certification” in order to learn Node. I am in the section “Managing Packages with Npm"with the first challenge that is " Managing Packages with Npm - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package” .
It´s supposed I have to create a Glitch project, but when I go to Glitch and try to open a new project I´m forced to choose one of these projects:

  • hello webpage

  • hello express

  • hello sqlite

  • clone from repo

Can I start a project that is different from these? if I can´t what I have to choose?

I would start with the express boilerplate code (hello express). You can also import any existing repo from Github. For simple stuff like this, though, I would stick to the express boilerplate code.