Donate pop up spam

I know that your service is free but will the pop up appear a lot? it has already pop up to me twice between lessons.


It stops popping up if you decide to support the program :slight_smile:

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If you really dislike it, I advise you to develop a chrome extension that detects and deletes that popup and you’d be learning and reinforcing your knowledge in the process!

But seriously though we spam their servers with our visits/activity, we can endure the popups until we (at least I) can afford a monthly donation.

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Ive been here 2+ years now and the only time that donation box came up was once during the onboarding signup.

Same. Maybe they’ve changed it?

I get it every once in a while. It seems like it comes up randomly between challenges… maybe 10% or less? I just don’t think of it as “spam”… That’s kinda harsh… it’s not like it’s in your email and it’s not like they are farming us out to advertisers… anyone seen any google ads in their challenges?

They don’t have ads… Which would be more annoying to you? Google ads on every challenge or a random ask between the challenges? Personally I’m glad there aren’t ads in front of me while I’m learning to code for free.

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