Done with my FCC Survey Page, <any>input</welcome>

Finally got my survey page done, learned a lot while coding it… had lots of fun. As always, any comments from the more experienced is very welcome.
Here’s my codepen:


Your form looks good @ingwenya. Some things to revisit;

  • Placeholder text should not mirror the label. It should be used to inform the user of the format of the required input.
  • Dark blue background with black text is does not offer much contrast. Use a good contrast checker.

Hi @ingwenya ,

Your Form looks extremely great!. Few points to it.

  • Dark blue background color with black text is not very much appreciated.

  • It could be better if you could come up with another styling for dropdown. It is similar to a normal input field. Users shouldn’t get confused.

Hi @Roma, thanks for the tips, helped me quite a bit again. I’ve fixed the issues you mentioned. I struggle to find a solution as I quite liked the blue background in the input field, but couldn’t find the right way to change the placeholder font color once the input field was selected. Is that possible?

Hi @nivethakrishnan72, thanks so much for the reply, very appreciated.
I fixed the background issue, but I liked the color in that style, and would liked to have kept it that way. I struggled to find a solution though… (see my reply on Roma’s comment).

For the dropdown styling, my rationalization was that people would click on the box in any case which would then present them with the drop down menu, or am I wrong in thinking that way? (I made them looked like that, because the arrows looked out of place with the border radius being so high)

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